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Contractors Call on State to Increase Use of Offsite and Other Modern Methods of Construction

Urgent push highlighted in the Turner & Townsend Market Intelligence Report Q1 2024 for modernising construction processes

Dublin, Ireland – The latest insights from the Turner & Townsend Market Intelligence Report for the first quarter of 2024 reveals a critical industry call to the Irish government to adopt offsite and other modern methods of construction (MMC) more broadly to address efficiencies and respond to market needs.

The report, drawing on feedback from a range of construction contractors across Ireland, points to a significant shift in industry perspectives, advocating strongly for the adoption of MMC to improve operational efficiencies and project outcomes. The construction sector sees this as a vital step towards speeding up project delivery and reducing costs amidst a cooling market.

Bryn Griffiths, Director at Turner & Townsend, reflects on the industry’s readiness for change, “Our findings reveal a robust endorsement for MMC. The construction sector is clearly signaling its readiness to move towards more sustainable and efficient construction methods. This shift is not just about innovation for its own sake but a necessary evolution to meet the accelerating demands of modern construction amidst growing economic pressures.”

The report highlights the necessity for the Irish state to support and facilitate the transition to MMC, highlighting its benefits in reducing construction timelines and enhancing quality control. The urgency comes as contractors report multiple market pressures, including high competition, below-cost tendering, and significant insolvencies.

Despite the broader market cooling, with skilled labour shortages and rising costs affecting traditional construction methods, the report identifies a keen interest in MMC as a solution to these ongoing challenges. The adoption of these methods could not only stabilise the market but also lead to a more resilient industry capable of addressing the housing crisis more effectively.

The construction industry faces persistent hurdles such as undeliverable project timelines and fluctuating material costs. Contractors are advocating for a shift towards MMC to mitigate these issues, ensuring projects are not only completed faster but also with greater financial and environmental efficiency.

“The move towards modern methods of construction represents a clear pathway for the industry to address both the immediate challenges of cost and delays, and the longer-term goals of sustainability and innovation,” stated Griffiths.

Link the report in full: https://marketintelligence.turnerandtownsend.com/roimi-q1-2024-spring/

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